Foam Party Cannon (New For '23)

Foam Party Cannon (New For '23)

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How Long Does It Last?

  • You will have non-stop foam for the entirety of your booking time!

What Does it come with?

  • Comes with inflatable toys and an optional sound system! ($50)

How Much Does It Cost?

  • First Hour is $350. Each Additional Hour is $150

Can I Operate The Foam Machine Myself?

  • No, leave the stress to us and enjoy the fun! Each rental comes with at least 1 attendant!

How Much Area Can The Foam Fill?

  • The foam machine will fill up a 30'x30' area up to 4' high in less than 10 minutes

Is It Safe?

  • Yes, the foam is all natural, hypoallergenic, food-grade solution.

Will The Bubbles Sting My Our Eyes?

  • Never. It is actually softer on the eyes than pure water.

Will It Stain Clothes Or Kill The Grass?

  • Not a chance. The foam is environmentally friendly and will not harm you clothes or your beautiful lawn.

Will You Get Wet?

  • Yes

What Surfaces Can This Be Setup On?

  • Grass is the safest surface for your foam party. We can setup on smooth pavement or concrete as well. Under no circumstance will we setup on dirt or rigid surfaces.